Teaching Experience

Here’s some of the some of the courses that I’ve taught at during my time at Purdue:

  • Calculus for the Life Sciences. I taught this twice. This was a Calculus course for life science and pre-pharmacy students. In addition to the lectures and quizzes, I also had exam writing responsibilities for this course.
  • IMPACT Calculus I. This was a “flipped” class where the students learn new topic outside of class then work collaboratively to solve problems during class.
  • College Algebra and Trigonometry. Have taught two separate courses on this subject, one all algebra, the other all trig.
  • Recitation Instructor for Calculus I and Calculus III (multivariate).
    Multiple assignments during my time at Purdue.
  • Applied Calculus I. This is the calculus course for all non-engineering students at Purdue. As such it has one of the most diverse collection of majors/students of any math course at Purdue.

I enjoy teaching a lot. My favorite course to teach overall was the Calculus for the Life Sciences; I really enjoyed working with those students. But I have to admit that my favorite material to teach is Calculus III, especially line and surface integrals.

I started teaching informally when I was still an undergrad and was hired to help out in the math help room at Wayne State University in Detroit. Serving that community made me think about the exposition of mathematics for the first time and I owe a lot to working with students there.